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Can I be a well-rounded artist without a degree? 

During a recent visit to my friend in his 40s, he revealed to me that he had made the courageous decision to pursue an art degree and was currently working on his portfolio. I was thrilled to hear that he had finally embraced his creative side and was no longer suppressing his passion. However, I couldn’t help feeling a tinge of envy – he was following his dreams, while I was merely dabbling in creative endeavours, struggling to find the time and space to truly dedicate myself.

But as I pondered further, I began to question whether obtaining a degree in art necessarily required attending university. Did I really need an established institution to hold me accountable and provide structure to my artistic pursuits? Could I not create my own curriculum and timetable, and form a support group with like-minded individuals to hold myself accountable?

Degree in me

With this in mind, I decided to create my own art degree and call it the “degree in me”. I developed my own curriculum and timetable and I have my mastermind group where I am meeting weekly with a group of creative women who hold me accountable. I also use this blog (see category “degree in me“) to document and share my journey towards becoming a well-rounded artist. 

What’s my objective? 

I refer to it as my “degree in me” because it’s not limited to art. It’s a platform for exploring diverse fields and embarking on a personal journey of self-discovery to become the person I aspire to be – my true self.

While it may not be the traditional route, I am excited to pursue my passion for art on my own terms and carve out my own path towards achieving my dream.

In conclusion, I am convinced that pursuing an art degree doesn’t necessarily require attending university. With determination, self-motivation and a supportive community, anyone can create their own path towards artistic fulfilment.

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