Why I created Random Acts of Creating

As random as these colours can our acts of creating make us happy

Creating brings happiness to people. And it’s not just the end result that brings joy, but the act of creating itself is something truly wonderful. For me, it’s even more important. Giving shape to my ideas and bringing something new into existence is immensely satisfying. The outcome doesn’t matter as much to me as the process of creation.

In today’s world, we see a lot of small entrepreneurs trying to sell their creations and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I’ve realised that when the main focus is on making money from our creations, it can soon become quite tricky. If we create with the thought of monetisation, we may lose the essence of our creative expression. The process becomes tense and we may even feel fearful.

Creating from the heart

On the other hand, when we create from the heart, we do it solely for ourselves. It puts us in a state of flow, where we experience peace and happiness. This is the ultimate goal of creating – to bring us peace and make us better people.

That’s precisely why I created this platform. Not just to share my journey as a creator, but also to inspire people like you to rekindle your creative spirit. To nourish your creator heart and feel the flow. And most importantly, to have fun! This platform is a community of creators, where there are no rights or wrongs. It’s about having fun while creating and making our world a better place.


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