Frozen in Time

Taking Charge in Staged Photography

During my last session in my photography course, we delved into staged photography. While street photography offers zero control, staged photography is the complete opposite. Here, I have everything under control—my subject, the light, the location…

Inspiration from the Unexpected

Amidst intriguing examples, including those from Swiss artists Fischli & Weiss, the film “Under Strange Skies” by Daniel Blaufuks particularly inspired me. Not because I found the film thrilling, but because it showed that it’s the little things that can mean so much to us.

Freezing Moments: Memories in the Ice

I find it fantastic that we, as humans, can look at an object and immediately find ourselves back at the place and time it reminds us of. The same effect happens with scents or certain songs for me. It’s astonishing how my heart is connected to my brain, allowing me to feel the memories.

So, I decided to gather some of my “keepsakes.” To an outsider, these things might be insignificant, but each one is tied to a story, an experience, and a lot of emotion for me… I froze these items overnight and then photographed them.

When you look at these pictures, you might feel something, but they probably won’t have a huge impact on you as the viewer. However, each ice cube represents a story to me. Even if I revisit these images in 10 or 20 years, I will likely remember the associated experiences.

Viewers and Photographers: Bridging the Gap

This has also led me to think about how photography, in general, works this way. Why do I find other people’s (vacation) photos beautiful but not as interesting? Or why do I not feel as much when looking at certain photos in an exhibition?

Because I wasn’t there.

The photographer was there and experienced it. The picture speaks a thousand words to them. What does it do for me? Not much?

Melting the Mystery: Adding Heart to Photography

I believe bridging the “gap” between the photographer and the viewer is the art of a good photo. But how can we do that? By writing and displaying the story behind it? Or by infusing so much emotion into photography that it somehow comes across?

I will take on this challenge to try to make my photos speak to the viewer. 

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