Having Fun with ceramics at Cassiano Atelier in Lisbon

Final pieces after burning
Final pieces after burning, look how shiny they are!

On a sunny Saturday in May, I headed to Lisbon to Cassiano Atelier for a cool creative workshop. The place is run by Raquel and Barbara, who are ceramics artists. They set up this awesome event where we got to do something unique. Instead of making stuff from clay, we got to decorate already-made ceramic pieces. Cool, right? We could paint on them and personalise them with our choice of colours and designs.

Playing with Colours: Learning the Art

Before we got started, we learned about the colours. It’s a bit different here – we used clay crayons in different colours. These crayons are special because the real colours only show up after they’re heated in the oven. There were six of us, and we couldn’t wait to see how our creations would turn out after the heat treatment. Raquel and Barbara had a guide for colours, but they told us it’s kind of a surprise how they’ll look in the end.

the ceramics plate before and after with my design
The plate: before and after I drew on it with the clay crayons

Getting Creative: Making Our Mark

The workshop began and we each chose what we wanted to decorate first – a cup, a plate, or a fancy face plate. The place was buzzing with creativity as we let our imagination flow. Some of us kept things simple, while others, like me, went all out with lots of colours. It was really fun to sketch our ideas on paper before painting them on the ceramic pieces.

The face plate before and after
The face plate before and after

Making Friends and Art: A Cool Vibe

As we worked, we chatted and had a good time. The laid-back pace gave us a chance to connect and share ideas. Seeing what everyone else was doing was super inspiring. Other artists were there at the studio too, so we got to see them in action and chat with them about their cool projects as well.

The cup before the burning process
My cup waiting for the burning process

From Design to Shine: A Glossy Finish

After we finished decorating, we added a special white layer called glaze. This made our designs disappear temporarily. The real magic happens when the pieces are fired in the kiln. We left our creations behind, eager to see the final results.

Glazing with a special tool

Happy Surprises: Seeing Our Art

A few days later, the big reveal happened. Our pieces came out of the kiln, all colourful and shiny. It was amazing to see how they transformed. We collected our finished creations and couldn’t help but smile.

Fun Times and New Friends: Try It Out!

Thinking back on the experience, I totally recommend checking out Cassiano Atelier if you’re up for a fun time. You get to learn new things, express yourself creatively and even make new friends. If you’re ever in Lisbon, keep an eye out for their open days and sign up for a workshop. It’s a blast – you’ll see!

open days at Cassiano Atelier
Open days at Cassiano Atelier

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