First-ever gathering of the “Curious Creators Club“

Introducing the Curious Creators Club

Imagine a cosy space filled with eager minds – that’s where the first-ever Curious Creators Club meetup unfolded on July 13th. This gathering marked the beginning of a new creative adventure.

A Cosy Venue for Curious Minds

The venue was perfect – a place called estefaniacollab. It had a comfy living room, a kitchen and a quiet outdoor spot. Everything was recently fixed up, thanks to its thoughtful owner.

Before everyone arrived, I set up the space to fit all eight of us, inside and outside. The excitement was building up as I got everything ready.

Breaking the Ice: Getting to Know Each Other

When the first participants walked in, excitement filled the air. I had this idea to bring curious creators together back in January and finally, it was happening. We all gathered in the living room, sitting on the floor around a table. To start off, we did something fun. Paired up, we shared three words about what we’re into at the moment. Then, we used those words to make colourful name tags for each other. It was a great way to ease into the event and get to know each other.

Sharing Our Creations: Show and Tell

The highlight of the meetup was the “show and tell” part. People brought their creations and talked about them. I gave them some prompts to help guide the conversation – like how they started, if they had a plan and how they learned their skills. It takes courage to share your creations, but we all did it.

Support and Goals

After introducing ourselves and our creations, we talked about what we hoped to get from the group. Some wanted feedback, others needed help with their next steps, and some sought inspiration or marketing tips.

A Productive Discussion

We had a really engaging and supportive discussion. It felt safe to share our thoughts and ideas. That’s what being in a group like this is all about – a comfortable space to connect with people who share your interests.

Setting Goals and Dreaming up the Future

After the show and tell, we didn’t have much time left. But we squeezed in a part where we each set a short-term goal and wrote it on yellow paper. Next time, we’ll check in on these goals and see where we’re at.

Our last task was to brainstorm future activities and projects. We’re even thinking of going to an exhibition together soon.

Wrapping Up a Great Start

As the meetup ended, it felt like the time had flown by. We could have talked for much longer. But that’s a sign of a good time, isn’t it? Everyone gained something from this first gathering and I’m excited for the second one to be just as awesome!

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